We are recruiting! PhD candidates and Postdoc fellows are welcome to join us!


PhD candidates and Postdoc fellows with either computational, mathematical, bioinformatic, cell signaling, or microbiological research backgroud are encouraged to join us for exploration of the interations between us and our gut microbes. 

Please send us your CVtwo or more recommendation letters and your cover letter elaborating the following questions:

1) why do you want to get a graduate/postdoc study and why do you want to choose our group?

2) what do you want to do after graduation?

3) what do you think of Science and with all those different research directions why do you pick the gut microbes?

4) what do you want to learn and what makes you think that you are more competitive than others?

5) what kind research questions do you want to address during your graduate/postdoc study?

Please notice that salaries and other supports are based on standards of Fudan University.